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Action (a lead)

What does it mean to "Action" a lead?

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Actions are the buttons you click below the comment field, to tell the system what happened during your call. Possible actions are:

  • Call back - The call was inconclusive and you need to call back later to determine if the lead is a winner or loser.

  • Winner - The call is successful. E.g. a sale or an appointment is agreed upon.

  • Loser - You spoke to them and they said "No".

  • Archive - This lead had bad data that prevented you from contacting them.

  • Skip (May not be enabled for your account) - You want to move on without calling this lead.

Note: You can change the names of the dispositions, check this article for more information.

Pro Tip

Definitions of the individual actions here are our recommended ones. You can tweak your process and use these actions in your own ways as you please.
You can also add categories to each action to further refine the outcome of each call.

The different lead actions you can choose between when finishing a call.

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