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All you need to know about the "clients" tab and how to use it!

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This feature is designed to separate and categorize client information. This will enhance deduplication & colleague detection and it's more friendly when viewing data. All data belonging to a client will be in one place.

Go to Manage > Clients

Here you can write the client's name, select the corresponding lists and add the users that have access to this list.

For emails to be available, they will have to be connected beforehand. Find out more by clicking the applicable link below:

Note: If you don't include all the users that have permission to see the list at the moment, the client will not be created.

Tip: If you don't want to add all of the required users, go to Manage > Users and remove access to the lists in question. For more information, go to How to Add Users.

After you have added the Caller ID, hit save.

Note: You can always edit, archive or delete clients.

Configuring Client in List Settings

Clients can also be seen in the list settings. Go to one of the lists associated with the client and go to settings.

Scroll down and you'll see the client currently associated with that list. Forget about deduplication being incomplete because the duplicates were in different lists. Deduplication will happen across all list that has the same client!

Also, colleagues will be detected across all lists belonging to a specific client!

Check out the video to see how to add a client:

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