Uploading Voicemail

Learn how to add a new voicemail message for agents to use.

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Using voicemail in cold calling is a great way to get leads to call you back or to use as a touchpoint. Myphoner makes it really easy to create voicemails.

Before starting it's important to think about:

  1. What information you want in the voicemail.

  2. Wether each agent will have their own voicemail or if they will share 1.

Once you've decided on the above you can go ahead and create a voicemail message. There are hundreds of different free services online if you don't have your own recording software. Feel free to try out online-voice-recorder if you don't want to go searching for one.

Once you have the file you are ready to get upload the file.

How to add a voicemail

To add a voicemail and set it up:

  1. Go to Manage > Voice > Media Files

  2. Select Upload file

  3. Click on Select file

  4. Give your file a name & description.

  5. Under Kind select Voicemail drop

  6. Under Users select the users that should have access to the voicemail file.

  7. Lastly, click Submit

Edit a Voicemail

To edit a voicemail you simply need to click on the edit button next to the voicemail, you'll be able to:

  1. Replace the media file by clicking on "Replace media file".

  2. Change the name & description.

  3. Add and remove users to the file.

Using Voicemail Drop

Making use of your newly uploaded voicemail files is super simple.

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