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Upgrade Your Editor
Upgrade Your Editor

Learn about the benefits of upgrading from Markdown to the new Wysiwyg editor.

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As we continue to update Myphoner we have at long last moved away from the Markdown Editor used throughout the platform to a Wysiwyg editor making it easier to create engaging content.

All accounts created after the 25th of March 2022 will have the new editor live by default, however, for all accounts created before the 25th, the change will need to be made by the account manager.

For detailed information on the new editor please see the article:

Things to Note

Once you have updated the account to the new editor please take note:

  1. Once the change over is completed the account cannot go back to Markdown.

  2. All content will be changed from Markdown to HTML the first time you edit it.

    1. This may cause merge tags to render incorrectly so check your email templates and agent signatures on first edit.

  3. When using the desktop email client function, the HTML will likely not render correctly.

    1. For example, hyperlinks won't function. If you or your agents are using a desktop email client in conjunction with email templates, you should insert the URLs directly in your templates to avoid information loss.

  4. If you have been using <iframe> tags to embed content in your scripts, these will be removed when converted to the new editor.

    1. Images included using iframes can now be embedded directly using the new editor, but they have to be manually added after conversion.

  5. No content will be converted immediately. You can safely enable the new editor, as long as you check your content the first time you edit and save a new version after enabling it.

Enable the New Editor

To enable the new editor:

  1. Go to Settings > Software Updates

  2. Click on "I understand the risk, enable the new editor now".

  3. Confirm the update.

Note: Only account administrators can make the update.

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