What are colleagues?

Understanding what colleagues are in Myphoner

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Myphoner has a section in the lead view called Colleagues; this section has two roles. Firstly the ability to add a colleague as a new lead & to see any leads that are in the same company.

For the colleagues feature to work, you need to ensure there is a field with the field type of Company.

Adding a colleague

To add a lead as a colleague in Myphoner, simply:

  1. Go to the colleague's tab

  2. Click Add Colleague

  3. Change the required information such as name, number & email address.

  4. Click Save and call or Save and add more if additional colleagues are added.

View colleagues

You can easily see if the lead has any colleagues associated with it by clicking the colleague's tab on the lead view. If there are, you can select the lead to view it.

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