Sending messaging with Myphoner takes a few simple steps to get started. We offer integration with MessageBird and Twilio; the choice is yours on which messaging platform will work best for you.

Before getting started with the integration with Myphoner, please ensure you've signed up with either service & have the relevant details.

Choose Provider

Message Bird

A leader in communication, simple to configure, to get started:

Once you have signed up, you'll need to configure the account and add credits before starting to send messages; check out the help section on Message Bird for more information.


One of the world's largest VoIP & messaging platforms, the setup is a bit more technical; however, it is a great choice if you already use them for other services such as VoIP.

Configuring Twilio for text messaging (SMS) will be your next step. Check out their help articles to get you started.

Setup Text Message in Myphoner

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Integrations

  2. Select Connect and Configure Integrations; note you'll be taken to our integration partner portal.

  3. Select either MessageBird or Twilio.

  4. Depending on which provider you are integrating with, you'll need to take different steps:

    1. If MessageBird: Simply take the API Key MessageBird provides, insert & click Save

    2. If Twilio: You will need to add your Account sid and the Auth token from Twilio, then click Save.

  5. Once completed, you'll be taken back to your Myphoner account.

Each user will need to make Text Messaging active on their user profile; we've made a handy article on how to do this.

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