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Why are my calls rejected when calling European numbers?
Why are my calls rejected when calling European numbers?

403 Call rejected; you have tried calling an EEA number using a non-EEA Caller ID

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EU Carriers are setting up barriers to prevent fraud and other types of unwanted traffic. One barrier is requiring an EEA (European Economic Area) number to call EEA countries or face 4-5x the cost per minute.

Because the cost of calls increases so significantly when calling European countries within the EEA from an international destination, we block such calls.

However, the problem is solvable. To call European countries you need a European Caller ID. You can add your existing numbers as virtual numbers or you can buy numbers with us. Some countries require Proof of identification and/or Proof of address, but countries such as Sweden, Belgium and Spain do not, and we can easily provision numbers in these countries.

If you are calling multiple countries and only want to call from EEA numbers within the EEA you can use Smart CIDs.

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