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Using Myphoner Voice

Fully integrated telephony, baked right into the platform

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If you are new to the Myphoner platform or are an old hat but want to start using our built-in VoIP solution this guide will take you through the ins and out of getting started.

What is Myphoner Voice?

It is our built-in VoIP solution that allows you to further integrate calling with the Myphoner platform. It enables you and your team to utilize:

Note: These features are dependant on the plan you are on.

We've made a handy article that shows the benefits of using Myphoner Voice versus other calling options.

Initial Setup

If you are new to Myphoner you'll need to add your billing & payment details you can follow the simple tutorial on how to do just that.

Adding Balance

The next step is adding balance to the account, this is done as we use a top-up system to ensure you do not run out of funds.

  1. Go to Manage > Account > Balance

  2. Under Top up to input the amount, you'd like to have on your account.

  3. Under When balance falls below - input the amount you want the account to reach before it tops up again.

  4. Click Save

The account will then be charged with the top up to amount and will show up under Account Balance.

Myphoner Voice Setup

Once you have your billing details and payment information in Myphoner your ready to get started with Myphoner Voice.

Number CID

When calling you will want a specific number to show up to the lead, it might be your company number or a sales agent-specific number. You can easily setup the CID using the tutorial we've created.

Number Rental

Myphoner offers you the ability to rent numbers through us and use them as CID's and DID's (for inbound call handling). There are additional costs & different countries/regions have certain requirements, please contact our support team via chat or email us at [email protected] and we'll assist you further.

Once your CID is set up your team is ready to call, agents can enable Myphoner Voice themselves through my preferences.

Call Recording Setup

Lastly, you might want to set up call recordings for your account this can be done simply through our step by step tutorial.


Please see our troubleshooting section.

How to use Myphoner Voice as an agent.

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