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How to make replies and callbacks auto-queue your leads
How to make replies and callbacks auto-queue your leads

Understand when and how Myphoner automatically bump leads to the top of the queue

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This article covers Myphoner's features that automatically prioritize your leads based on their activity across Phone, Email, and SMS. This article will walk you through activating and understanding these features.

Inbound calls/callbacks

  • Requirements: Plus or Premium subscription and Myphoner Voice with a routed (rented) number.

  • Functionality: Myphoner identifies missed inbound calls and auto-queues the associated leads, logging an event in the lead's activity log.

  • Note: Virtual numbers can be used for outbound calls but not inbound - using virtual numbers will prevent Myphoner from getting the callbacks and utilizing the automated re-queueing.

Email replies

  • Requirements: A connected Microsoft (Hotmail/Outlook 365) or Google (Gmail/Google Workspace) account.

  • Functionality: Any reply to an email you send through Myphoner is recorded in the lead's activity log and bumps the lead to the top of the queue.

  • Note: Available only for plans subscribed or upgraded to after June 2023.

SMS replies

  • Requirements: A functioning connection to one of the three supported external SMS providers (Guide here).

  • Functionality: SMS replies are recorded in the lead's activity log and bump the lead to the top of the queue.


Email replies aren't showing up in Myphoner

Please go to Manage -> Settings -> Email. Do you see a teaser to update or upgrade your account? If yes, please follow the instructions. If not, please contact support.

Replies aren't bumping the associated lead

If you are looking at a lead when a reply comes, the lead is not bumped, but the reply should appear in the activity log instantly. Try dispositioning the lead before testing replying to emails or SMS, you'll see that it appears at the top of the queue then. If not, you can contact support.


How do I rent a routed number?

Go to Manage -> Voice -> Numbers, click "Add number" and follow the on-screen instructions for ordering a routed number. If you do not see the Routed number option, it may be because we do not have routed numbers for your selected country. Then contact support.

Why can't I use a virtual number for inbound calls?

Virtual numbers are associated with external providers and verified by Myphoner to confirm you have control over them. While this makes them suitable for outbound calls, where you set the Caller ID, they aren't configured for inbound calls within Myphoner. The reason is that these numbers aren't registered to Myphoner in the telecommunication networks; instead, inbound calls route to the servers or networks of the original provider.

Can I use any other email providers apart from Outlook 365 and Gmail?

You can still utilize our email template features without connecting a Google or Microsoft account by simply using your desktop email client, but you won't reap the benefits of email replies, as Myphoner will not be able to connect to your email server to detect them.

What SMS providers can I connect with?

Please read the article on setting up text messaging integration.

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