How do I get started with Zapier
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Automate workflows with Zapier

The Fast Lane: View the Screencast

View this screencast to get a quick introduction to set up your first automation of a workflow.

A screencast that explains how to get started with integrations using Zapier.

Sign up for Zapier and configure your myphoner connection

First, sign up on Zapier. They have a limited free plan as well.

When asked to connect to Myphoner, you should consider what purpose the Zap is for.

You can connect with your personal API key that is found under My profile -> Credentials, or you can connect with the account API key, which is found under Manage -> Configure -> Integrations.

The difference is, that your personal API key will give Zapier the same access as you have when using myphoner through your browser, whereas the account API key will give Zapier unlimited access to your myphoner account.

Use the account API key when you are setting up Zaps for all of your users, for example adding a new record in your CRM when there's a new winner in myphoner.

Use your personal API key when making a Zap that should only work for you, for example setting a todo in your personal todo system or adding a calendar entry in your own calendar.

Now go ahead and create your first Zap. Use one of the guided zaps below, browse the zapbook or simply create a new zap from your dashboard in Zapier and follow the on-screen instructions. View our screencast above for an example of setting up a zap from scratch.

Connecting to your myphoner account in Zapier.

Create from a Guided Zap

Check out the myphoner integrations page on Zapier for example zaps (guided zaps) and more help.

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