Sending emails with Myphoner is a snap and you can get setup easily. Simply go to your preferences and click on Email.

You will see a box where you can edit your email signature as well as the available merge tags. Merge tags allow you to insert your unique profile information within your signature. 

Available Merge Tags
First name: {{ first_name | default: "" }}
Last name: {{ last_name | default: "" }}
Full name: {{ full_name | default: "" }}
Email: {{ email | default: "" }}
Company name: {{ company_name | default: "" }}

Simply insert the applicable merge tags into your email signature and Myphoner will do the rest. We even have a handy preview on the right hand side. 

Now Let's add some colour and a logo to your signature using Markdown.

Markdown Syntax
You might be asking what is Markdown Syntax? To put it simply its snippets of code that allow you to add headers, bullets, colour and images to plain text formatting. For a full list and explanation of how to use it check out this link.

Check out this handy video for step by step instructions

If you need help setting up your email, go to the Gmail or Outlook 365 articles.

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