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An introduction to Myphoner for agents

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When you start looking at the Myphoner, it can seem a little daunting. Don't worry! You can learn all about being an agent in just a few steps. There are just a few sections to go over before you can start calling!

The first section you see is your HOME section. Here, you can see the welcome and dashboard tabs.

Welcome and Dashboard:

The Welcome section will help you navigate through your profile and will provide a few helpful links in case there's information that you need to update.

Your dashboard is a useful tool to manage your information. You'll be able to review your data and improve!


The CALL section is where the magic happens!


You'll be able to see your lists and segments and modify them, all in the same place!


Don't miss your calls! Check all your scheduled leads here!

Scheduling means to set a follow-up time for a lead, that sends out a notification and becomes "due" when the time is up.

Schedule a lead by selecting "in exactly" in the follow-up type drop-down when setting a follow-up time.

Scheduling leads is a good way to make sure that you call back exactly at the time of the follow-up, for example if you have agreed with a lead on a specific time to call back.


When an agent claims a lead, it means that the lead is now assigned to that agent, and other agents cannot call the lead.

Claimed leads will only appear in the queue of the agent that claimed it.

Calls & Recordings:

If you are using our power dialer with Myphoner Voice, and call recordings are enabled, this is where you can find your calls and recordings.

You can search for a specific lead using the search bar, and you can organize the results by heading by clicking on the button next to each heading:

My Preferences

You can find this option in the drop-down menu on the right hand corner of the page.

Here you can change settings for all the options below:

Check your preferences before calling so you can optimize your workflow!

For a detailed overview of Your Preferences check out:

We have a whole catalogue of articles that will help you master Myphoner in no time!

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