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Understanding the Call Tab
Understanding the Call Tab

Scheduled, claimed, work log and calls & recordings tabs!

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The call section is where all the magic happens! There you'll make calls and keep track of those calls in several different ways. Learning all about this, will greatly optimize your workflow.

There are 6 tabs as shown below:

In this article, we will go through all of them except the "Queues" and "Time Tracking" tabs. If you are interested in learning more about those tabs:

Scheduled Tab

Never forget your leads!

The scheduled tab will allow you to see all the scheduled leads you have. Sometimes leads can get lost among all the others and that can have a very negative impact.

Scheduling means to set a follow-up time for a lead, that sends out a notification and becomes "due" when the time is up.

Schedule a lead by selecting "in exactly" in the follow-up type drop-down when setting a follow up time.

Scheduling leads is a good way to make sure that you call back exactly at the time of the follow-up, for example if you have agreed with a lead on a specific time to call back.

The option to include unclaimed leads is what pops at you when you first come to this page. The default configuration is for it to show claimed leads only.

If you click this option, you will see unclaimed leads as well. As shown in the image below:

You can change the display in order to expand the lead information. Both options are on the top right hand corner of the page:

If you change the display, you'll see the lead information as well as the latest change in the activity log.

Claimed Tab

The claimed tab is very similar to the "scheduled" tab in the way it's organized. You can see all leads you've claimed.

Remember! When an agent claims a lead, it means that the lead is now assigned to that agent, and other agents cannot call the lead.

Claimed leads will only appear in the queue of the agent that claimed it.

You can change the display in the same way as before in order to expand the lead information:

Work Log Tab

Next, is the work log tab. You can see the explanation for this tab at the top of the page:

You can also change the display in this tab as with the tabs before:

If you have any questions about a call you made, this is a good place to start!

Calls & Recordings Tab

Finally, we have the calls & recordings tab. This is only available if you're using our voice product: Myphoner Voice.

The display here is a bit different from the previous tabs.

You can see all the calls you've made with their respective recordings if they are enabled (ask your manager if they are). All you have to do, is click on the "+" sign that's located at the end of the lead information.

This way we'll get the information that includes the recording.

You can interact with the recording with the buttons below it:

And you can also download it. Remember that reccordings will not stay there forever! If you want to keep the reccording it's best to download it.

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