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Using MyPhoner Voice - Agent
Using MyPhoner Voice - Agent

Learn how to setup & use Myphoner Voice as an agent

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Myphoner Voice is our VoIP offering, using the built-in dialler (you can also connect your own Twilio to our dialer). Myphoner Voice makes getting started calling super simple as it's built right into Myphoner.

Here's a quick checklist for getting started with Voice:

  1. Check your preferences under "Dialling" - the Dialler should be set to "Myphoner Voice".

  2. Make sure you have selected a Caller ID - Using "No Caller ID" will degrade your experience as it usually means a 20% lower Contact Rate. If you don't have any Caller IDs available, you need to add one in the management section (Manage -> Voice -> Numbers/CIDs) - ask your manager to do so - this is important!

  3. Start calling!

See the video below to learn how to use Myphoner Voice to its full potential. 

If you're having issues because your dialler is not initializing, click here.

Voicemail Drop

One of the killer features of Myphoner Voice is the ability to easily leave a voicemail message with a click of a button.

How to use voicemail drop:

  1. When a call goes to voicemail & you hear the ping, click on Voicemail in the dialer.

  2. Select the file you want to use - Myphoner will play the voicemail and you can move on to the next lead while it does.

It's really that simple.

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