Updating User Configuration

Learn how to update user information & configurations as an admin

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Once a user has been created an admin can further configure the user's account. This is the same as the user being able to configure their account with a few tweaks.

To configure the user account

  1. Go to Manage > Users

  2. Select the Name of the user or the Edit icon.

Once you are on the user account there are different tabs that allow you to configure different sections such as User Information, Admin Rights, List Access etc. Let's take a look at each section.

User Information

In this section, you can change the user details such as first name, last name, email address & phone number. You will notice that there are 2 custom fields, that can be used as merge tags in email templates & signatures.

Admin Rights

If you ever need to add or remove admin rights you can do so in this section, below is a simple summary of those rights:

  • An Agent can see their own dashboard and work their queues. Be careful removing this right! It will prevent the user from viewing queues and leads.

  • A Supervisor can manipulate the state of claimed leads. This is useful for processes where a supervisor decides when a lead is won, but the agents should retain the claim.

  • An Analyst can view reports for the lists he or she is assigned to.

  • A Data Manager can manage lists, leads and activities, including deleting, merging, migrating, assigning lists to users, editing comments etc.

  • An Agent Manager can add and delete users as well as manage user roles and assign users to lists.

  • Client Managers can create, edit and delete clients as well as assign lists, users, email and CIDs to clients.

  • Configuration Managers can configure account settings and have access to API keys for the account.

Client Access

If you are on the Premium Plan and use clients you can add/remove a user from specific clients. This is done by selecting/deselecting the box by the client's name and clicking Save.

List Access

Here you can add/remove a user from lists & segments, this is also a great way to see what lists specific users have access to easily.


You are able to add an email address to the user as well as edit their email signature. For in-depth guides:

  1. Add Outlook 365 email address

  2. Add a Gmail (Google Workplace ) email.

  3. Learn how to edit email signatures.


The dialling section gives you full control over the dialler settings for the agent, using the Dialling preferences enabled you can allow the agent to modify their own preferences. For an in-depth explanation on how to edit this section see our dialler preferences guide.


This allows you to set up the different working preferences in Myphoner such as enabling showing the timer, hotkeys etc. This section also allows you to take control of the settings by deselecting working preferences. For in-depth instructions see the article here.


Edit the notifications you'd like the user to receive, see our in-depth article on notification preferences.

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