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New To Myphoner? Start Here
New To Myphoner? Start Here

Learn how to setup Myphoner

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Hi There

Welcome to Myphoner, we're excited to have you on board!

Our aim in this article is to get you onboarded quickly enabling your team to start calling today.

There are 4 main components to Myphoner, we'll provide an overview of each section & link to important articles to help you understand each tool & feature.

Main Components

  1. Telephony

  2. Campaigns (Lists)

  3. Workflow

  4. User Setup


Depending on the plan you signed up for you have a few different options:

  1. Myphoner Dialer: The dialer includes options as Myphoner Voice and Twilio.

  2. Click to Call: Use your own softphone to make calls, Myphoner will send the number to your default softphone which you'll use to make calls.

  3. Mobile App: Myphoner will send a notification to the app to call the leads number, you'll complete the call using your default calling app.

Depending on which solution you choose you'll setup Myphoner up differently. See our articles on each option below:


At Myphoner we call campaigns lists, but they are essentially one and the same. A place where leads reside in order for agents to work on them. Setting up lists is rather simple, however, there are a few aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Upload Leads

  2. List Settings

  3. Dispositions & categories

  4. Segments

  5. Email Templates

Upload Leads

In Myphoner the most popular way to upload a list of leads when getting started is via a CSV or excel file. Secondly, you can use our API or Zapier to send leads automatically into lists within Myphoner.

For a detailed overview of how to upload your first list click here.

List Settings & Deduplication Options

Once your list is uploaded you'll need to make sure you have the right settings selected to ensure the agents are working in the best way possible. This includes:

  1. Standard list settings such as prepend phone & call centre tools.

  2. Queue settings: decide how best to prioritize the queue within the list.

  3. Deduplication detection settings: deciding what a duplicate means to you.

See articles below:

Dispositions & Categories

You are able to change the dispositions (otherwise known as action buttons) within Myphoner as well as the specific list categories. The dispositions change is an account-wide change while for each list the categories can be changed.

You can create integration or API based triggers based on these buttons within your workflow.


Segments are subsets of leads in a list, defined by adding conditions for what criteria a lead must fulfil in order to be part of the segment. For example that it must have a specific time zone or its zipcode must be within a certain range.

You can use Dispositions, action buttons and fields to create segments, for detailed information go here.

Email Templates

You're able to set up email templates for each list, this means that agents can quickly send emails with a click of a button. By using merge tags you can create personalized emails using field information. For detailed information click here.


These settings make changes for the entire account such as:

  1. Allowing agents to search all leads.

  2. Deciding on disposition names

  3. Deciding when auto claiming should be enabled & rules for it.

User Setup

Once you've got your calling figured out and set up a list you're ready to add agents to start making calls. There are a few aspects to understand when doing so:

  1. Add a seat & the user

  2. Optional: configure the user's caller id and email address.

Add a Seat & User

Before adding a user you'll need to add seats. The number of seats will equal the number of users you want to add.

Once the seat has been added you'll add users and provide them specific user roles.

Optional Configurations

Once the user is created you are able to configure their account as much as needed. We've created an in-depth article on user configuration that will take you through the sections that are important to you.

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